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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we have many resources for creating original music, accompaniment, arrangements, beats and unique sounds of all kinds.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a project that needs some explaining! 

We record all types of music.

Music recording and mixing is $50/hr.  Voice-over, archiving, audio post, and rich media services are $75/hr.  Project rates are available, please contact to discuss the specific needs of your project.

Good question!

The Hotkey Matrix offers dedicated, real controls with tactile response.  Touch screens lack such response, and are therefor less comfortable for the kind of rapid key presses that are a normal part of an audio workflow. 

There are never any layers, modes, or extra menus to navigate in order to execute a command with the Hotkey Matrix. Touch screen apps by definition do not offer such dedicated control! The screen is a multi use device. Also such apps require some kind of swiping, button press,  or menu command to provide access to all of the available shortcuts. As soon as you have an additional step to perform, you have lost a major advantage of using a shortcut!

The Hotkey Matrix requires absolutely no extra software to operate with Pro Tools. It uses only standard features of Pro Tools and the operating system. A touch screen requres an extra software layer to communicate with Pro Tools. This is not an Avid application! It's basically a hack to get around the closed nature of Pro Tools. This extra software adds strain to your computer, makes your whole system less reliable, and makes maintanance and upgrading more complicated.

There are some iPad apps for controlling Pro Tools. These require a network link between your computer and the iPad, which can be very unreliable. In addition, extra software must be running on your computer to connect the app and Pro Tools. 

In addition, an iPad (or other tablet app) ties up your tablet, which has all sorts of other fun uses:)

The Hotkey Matrix is a dedicated hardware device solely focussed on enabling the most efficient workflow possible in Pro Tools. It doesn't try to be a replacement for the standard Pro Tools interface. It simply gives you the fastest access to the most powerful shortcuts and menu commands in Pro Tools. It makes a great compliment to any other method of operating Pro Tools, from using just the mouse and standard keyboard, to a hardware control surface, and even to a touch based control surface!

Generally, commands that are redundant with the standard single key shortcuts on the regular keyboard are not included on the Hotkey Matrix. The idea is to give access to as many single key shortcuts as possible, and the default ones on the regular keyboard are good! The Hotkey Matrix is designed to sit next to the regular keyboard, and complement the default shortcuts. T

hese are the commands that are often conveniently color coded and labeled on the widely available "Pro Tools" editing keyboards or stickers.

Such commands include:

Single key shortcuts that are active when "Keyboard Command Focus" is selected on the Pro Tools main window (the little yellow square with a-z in it at top right of edit window). It is highly recommended to learn and use these commands. These include R and T for zoom in out, B for separate clip, Z X C V for undo, cut, copy, paste etc...

Commands that are usually mapped to the number keypad. This includes transport, loop playback and record, turn metronome on and off etc.

The function keys that are used to switch between grid modes, and to switch tools (F1-F10)

Yes. One of the strengths of the Hotkey Matrix is that it uses only the native keyboard shorcuts capabilities of Pro Tools and the operating system. This makes it relatively "future proof" as these functions are long standing part of the Pro Tools application and are very unlikely to be changed. 

We have continued to support the very first version of the Hotkey Matrix, which was released for Pro Tools 9, with an update that gave it functionality for Pro Tools 11. 

Updating for compatiblity with new versions of Pro Tools generally only requires a new configuration file to upgrade the ROM in the keyboard itself, and these will be provided for no charge.

We have also updated the Hotkey Matrix version from V1 to V2. This was a complete layout change, and required new labels to be installed. For users that were interested in upgrading, we have provided upgrade paths at nominal charges. 

If you are a current Hotkey Matrix owner in need of updating suport, please contact us at If you provide your current system details and desired configuration we will provide you the needed files and instructions for the update.

If you purchase from this site we ship to the US, Canada, Australia, and South Korea. If you are in the Eurozone, you can order from ES Pro Audio in Germany at this link

We are considering Apple Logic.

The Hotkey Matrix supports all versions of Pro Tools 10 and 11 on Mac OS X  Windows OS.