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Cadillac Joe & the Blind Wolf Blues Band

Hailing from the Madison, WI, area, Cadillac Joe & The Blind Wolf Blues Band are a tight, four-piece, Hammond B-3 outfit featuring a young Aaron Williams on guitar.

Fronted by Cadillac Joe Anderson, this CD is a fine outing and shows plenty of future promise. Anderson's vocals lean closer to a conversationalist's approach, as he tends to discuss his way through the proceedings. While his range is somewhat limited, he stays where his voice is better suited. Their 10-song, self-produced CD runs for just over 45 minutes.

Musically, everyone is on target, especially Anderson's fat, deep-toned Hammond stylings, which are obviously influenced by McGriff/Smith school. Aaron Williams' guitar playing is something to keep an eye on, and with Jimmy Thackery naming him the "brat with the Strat," you should hear more from him. The rhythm section is anchored by Kent "Dice" Hamele and Mike Morganthaler, on bass and drums respectively. High honors go to them for maintaining some solid underpinnings which allow Anderson and Williams room to strut their stuff.

Winning the 2001 Isthmus Magazine readers' poll, Cadillac Joe & The Blind Wolf Blues Band were voted as the best blues outfit in Madison.

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