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The Cemetery Improvement Society

The Cemetery Improvement Society started as a one-man project built on creepy, wandering industrial beats and samples, but blossomed to "two people, two samplers, and two seven-string guitars." As if bent on deprogramming the part of the brain that craves a straightforward 4/4 thud, Marc Claggett (who's since formed a different lineup with a live drummer and synth player) squirms through maddening, circular rhythms, disorienting drones, and guest performances like Dissent And Revolt vocalist Aaron Miller's growl on "Pocket Full Of Bugs." Here the group celebrates the release of its new, slightly more song-oriented album, J.A.N.E., which unfurls a dark, dirty narrative about prostitution over the course of 18 sprawling tracks ranging from club bangers to electro ballads.

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