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Midwest Metal Masters

Cobzweb is a three piece metal band based in Madison, WI. Undoubtedly, the most unique aspect of the band is the fact that all three of the members are brothers. Dave Cobb, the bassist/vocalist and oldest brother in the band, started it all when he bought a guitar at the age of 14. This fueled an interest in music in the two younger brothers, Dennis Cobb (guitarist/vocalist), and youngest brother Darren Cobb (drummer). Soon after Dave bought his first guitar, Dennis started playing it. Dave didn't mind because Dennis started to become a good guitarist. Dave decided he liked playing the bass and singing...err, yelling as the band puts it. Dave has always had a leader's attitude and it comes through in their music. During the time the guitar/bass side of Cobzweb was developing, Darren was pleading with their mother to buy him a snare drum. About a month after that, their parents found a deal on a drum set and the band was ready.

Cobzweb's first self-titled CD was released in January 1998. They didn't want to be your typical metal band or alternative band. Cobzweb calls their style "Big Heavy/Metal Fusion." Since Cobzweb has played together so long, they have developed a loyal following in and around the Madison area affectionately known as "The Cobzweb!"

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