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The Crucifucks

Seminal punk band led by Doc Corbin Dart.

The Crucifucks formed in 1982. Throughout their 13-year career, the band had a revolving-door line-up, the only constant member being lyricist and frontman Doc Corbin Dart. Other members of the original line up included Doc's cousin Joe on guitar, Scott F. on bass, and drummer Steve Shelley, who went on to play with Sonic Youth. The band's debut LP The Crucifucks -- recorded in 1984 by Doc, Steve, guitarist Gus Varner, and Marc H. on bass -- was released in 1985 on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label. Wisconsin followed in 1987, also on Alternative Tentacles. Dart recorded two solo projects, Patricia (named after his therapist, who treats him for borderline personality disorder) on Alternative Tentacles in 1990, and Black Tuesday, self-released in 1991. Doc also opened up for Jello Biafra on his 'I Blow Minds For A Living' Spoken Word Tour. In 1992 the compilation album entitled Our Will Be Done was issued, combining The Crucifucks first two LPs with a non-LP song, "Annual Report", also featured on MaximumRocknRoll's compilation Welcome To 1984. A picture of a Philadelphia police officer posing as shot -- originally part of a public relations campaign to obtain wage concessions from the city -- was used on the album's back cover. Four years later, its discovery by the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police led to a lawsuit against the Crucifucks, which was eventually dismissed.

According to Dart, the Crucifucks never "officially" broke up, but rather drifted apart due to a variety of reasons. In 1998 the group reformed and did a brief national tour including a performance at Alternative Tentacles' 20th Anniversary Party at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California. They also released their first album in nearly a decade, called L.D. Eye. In 2004 Doc changed his name to 26 and released a solo album, The Messiah on Madison, Wisconsin's Crustacean Records.

Doc continues to be a mainstay of alternative culture in Lansing, Michigan, regularly showing up in local papers. Dart ran for mayor of Lansing and his political activity helped create a rape trauma center in the city. Doc runs a baseball card store in a small collection of shops on Michigan Avenue near Sparrow Hospital. He spends some of his free time feeding a large family of raccoons that he has befriended. Doc is a divorced father of two adult children.

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