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The Dorothy Heralds

Eclectic Rock? Progressive Art Rock? Electronica-Induced Power Pop? Attempts to categorize Madison-based The Dorothy Heralds seem intriguing at best.

For, if you've seen this ensemble live, you know that the experience is one that defies conventional expectation. The Dorothy Heralds mesh Matt Nelson's quirky, experimental electric guitar parts with Kevin Lozada's keyboard lines that stretch anywhere from ambient and subtle to intensely melodic and driving. Put these parts on top of the pounce-like, athletic bass leanings of Gary Chin, and an intricate instrumental bed unfolds. Vocalist Katy Rykken rounds out the sound with her rich mezzo-soprano voice that flows easily from airy and ethereal to brassy and bold. Each with a diverse array of influences and experiences, members of The Dorothy Heralds come together to create lilting melodies that thread together their unique package of sound.

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