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Emily White

Emily White and her new album The Resolution EP are independent music and DIY culture at its best. A self-described "slow songwriter," Chicago’s Emily White set about to change things in 2010. Armed with her guitar, hundreds of ideas, and a strict monthly deadline, White began a yearlong songwriting challenge whose summer fruit is the diverse and compelling Resolution EP.

Comprised of six songs, the album was recorded during four days in Madison, WI in June of 2010. Exactly one month from the date of the first session in the studio, Emily released the album in Chicago at Martyrs, a club whose stage has seen the likes of The Weepies.

Jim Reed of Connect Savannah wrote of how White stands out from the “blue billion DIY singer/songwriters” with her “hushed, preternaturally haunting vocal delivery (and bewitching sense of indie-rock-informed melody).” Her voice and songwriting shine on the new album. Check out tracks from the record at her website and be sure to catch her captivating live show, described as “a safe bet for an exceptional evening of original, deeply personal song craft.”

Emily regularly performs at festivals, house concerts, listening rooms, colleges, coffeeshops, and bars throughout the U.S., and wins new fans at each show. She has shared stages with artists like Bitch (of Bitch & Animal), Ember Swift, Meg Hutchinson, Peter Mulvey, and Edie Carey. She has fan-funded three albums, including her 2005 EP and 2007 LP. In 2012 so far she has performed at the Fox Valley Folk Festival, the Back Lot Bash festival in Chicago with Chely Wright, and Venus Envy Arts Festival in Iowa among others.

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