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F. Stokes

Brooklyn/Chicago via Madison hip-hop/soul artist.

“Aspire, to Inspire. I don’t even know you, but I love you,” is the motto F.Stokes lives by. Born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, F.Stokes has lived a life anything but simple. Transplanting to Madison, WI for his adolescent years, he has created a strong following and passion. Now residing in New York City, he has learned to be appreciative of every opportunity he has earned, making the most out of all situations.

F. Stokes' musical influences range from Patti Smith to Kanye West. Johnny Cash to Miles Davis. Gary Clark Jr. to Elvis. He views music not as an option, but as a necessity, stating: “My music is how I breathe. I’m grateful, and humbled, that I make a living living out my ideas. There wasn’t a definitive moment in which I decided I would dedicate my life to music, it came naturally. Birds don’t learn to fly, they just do it, baby.”

F. Stokes recorded several tracks at DNA with Mark Whitcomb.

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