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Combining the intimacy of Chamber Music with the boldness of Rock, Fermata brings power and honesty to each piece they perform. This union of traditional string instruments with new songwriting structures creates a sound that can best be described as All Acoustic String Chamber Rock.

Seeking to capture the vast and open sounds of the wilderness with every note played, and combining those brush strokes with the kinetic energy of a modern life, the band approaches each song as a one act play, giving each song a color and shape all its own.

The tambor of the Strings intertwine with the dual vocals of Lisa Mazza and Jon Koschoreck. Lisa’s voice can be both commanding and fragile at once, and when combined with the honest and earthy vocals of Jon Koschoreck, they create a compelling dynamic.

Individually, the members of the band have played all over the Midwest, and in a few select clubs out east. Together they are looking to take a charge at the live music scene in these places. Their goal being to garner the attention of those out there looking not only to hear music, but experience it.

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