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Galynne Goodwill

acoustic lounge rock

“Music can be a powerful portal to truth, peace and the inner realities. This artist has mastered that portal. Galynne and her percussionist husband Mark consistently deliver music that uplifts, inspires and empowers as well as just plain entertains. This is truly spiritual music of the highest caliber. It’s also an opportunity to meet like minded people as Galynne always attracts a higher consciousness audience.” - Gene Ferarra, Center for Conscious Living

“Galynne’s smooth & pure voice along with her groovy & soulful songs of awakening, change, and love are a fresh breath of air for any listener. A lifetime musician in the Midwest who is now settled in the wonderful Rapids of Wisconsin, she continues to write songs that inspire change, incite hope, and give light to changing relationships.” - IMRMag

“Inherent positivity paired with beautiful melodies, insightful songwriting and playful lyrics turn every Galynne gig into a feel-good-fest. Her vocal skills and sultry stage presence make for a night of musical marvel in its purest form.” – Amy Werner, Historic Trempealeau Hotel 

“Galynne has that Earth Mother groovy thing down, very much like Sophie B Hawkins, or a little funkier Natalie Merchant.” Dino Corvino, City Pages – Wausau, WI

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