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Gerri DiMaggio

Gerri DiMaggio’s take on jazz is as original as it is enticing. Her 2005 release “Comes Love” is a sultry mix of Brazilian music along with a fresh blend of jazz standards. The Latin sounds invite the audience into her own creative and colorful world.

Throughout the album, Gerri displays an emotional intelligence and musical sophistication that honors the traditions of Jazz and Latin rhythms telling stories with tones of sadness and bittersweet joy. The exquisite performances of Paul Hastil (piano), John Mesoloras (bass), John Becker (drums and percussion), and Dave Cooper (trumpet) add to the lush feel of the recording.

Gerri’s 2001 release “In Summer” received glowing reviews nationally. David Lewis of Cadence wrote "singer Gerri DiMaggio could be on the verge of reaching a far wider audience judging from the maturity of expression evident throughout [her recording]" and Jazz artist and historian Richard Davis writes “Gerri DiMaggio rates with the best of them. It is now time for the national and international arena. She caresses each syllable as if it is a song within itself. Her two original compositions "It's Hip" and "Meditation Prayer" certainly exemplify another gift she possesses."

Kevin Lynch of Madison’s Capital Times said, “A fluid excursion through romantic standards hip Jazz tunes, Latin music, and spiritually inspired music, DiMaggio’s hip, subtle phrasing and warm tone reflect an admitted influence from the magisterial Shirley Horn."


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