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The Gusto

Jake, Andy, and Jason were all in the same band in high school called Koji. They played together for years all over Wisconsin paying their dues and learning about the trials and tribulations of rock n roll life on the road. Eventually Koji broke up and they all joined different bands. Jason ended up in the band Upon Desolate Hands, Andy became the backbone of the old time punk rock group, Funrod, and Jake went on to be a co-founder and front man of The Gammits MW. All of these bands went on tour at least once and The Gammits MW and Funrod did it a number of times. Eventually though, they all realized that things just weren't the same as when they were together.They reformed playing a handful of the old songs they had written together with the intention of becoming something completely different from what any of them had done previously. This vision was finally realized when they found Patt, a former member of the high school band Plan B. Together they became what is known today as the rock n roll supra group, The Gusto.

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