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Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves is one of the hottest psychedelic blues bands.

After twenty-five years, five CDs, an LP, and a 45, the members of Honor Among Thieves still draw a blank whenever someone asks, "what kind of music do you play?" Blues roots are unmistakable, but the line up of guitar, bass, drums, and violin and audible ventures into klezmer, jazz, funk and more confound true blues devotees. Honor Among Theives has amassed a wealth of creative material and wields it with passion and spontaneity that makes each performance unique and has allowed the band to remain one of Madison's most revered bands for nearly a generation.The Thieves were the subject of a 2004 documentary film entitled When the World Runs Fast. The Blue God album of 2000 featured the lyrics of reknowned cartoonist and voice of the Onion Radio News, P.S. Mueller.

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