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Little Marsh Overflow

Rock / Funk / Blues

One of the fastest growing names in the Midwest music scene, Little Marsh Overflow quickly grew into a force to be reckoned with. An original rock band, LMO draws on a wide variety of influences to create their unique style of music. From Herbie Hancock to Neil Young, the Beatles to Ween, LMO strives to pay homage to all the music that has helped shape them along the way. While the band has always been stumped when pressed for a quick answer in regards to what type of music they play, Stephanie Music from considers it a “progressive rock, funk jam art form.” LMO is proud to boast an extremely tight and talented rhythm section that’s guaranteed to keep people off their seats and on their feet. This solid foundation is heavily complimented by soulful guitar work, intelligent and unique keyboards, and powerful vocals.

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