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LMNO Productions

Established in 1989, as a small, independent television production company, LMNO (Leave My Name Off) Productions has become a full-service studio with 150 employees and over 600 programs and 50 different series to its credit.  Headed by Emmy award-winning President and CEO, Eric Schotz, LMNO is one of the foremost providers of reality, documentary, informational and entertainment programming for network, cable and syndicated television.

LMNO Productions has been a leading producer of network reality series since before the genre had a name.  Some of LMNO’s early high-profile shows include the CBS classic, “Kids Say the Darndest Things” hosted by Bill Cosby and the FOX series “Guinness World Records: Primetime,” “Boot Camp” and “The Littlest Groom.” In addition, the company produced the hit CBS series, “Fire Me…Please” and “Wickedly Perfect;” the NBC reality series, “Race to the Altar” and “I Wanna Be A Soapstar" I, II, III and IV for ABC/SOAPnet.

In addition to its broadcast network roster, LMNO is one of the leading producers of programming for the premier American cable networks.  LMNO’s most recent productions are, “Steve Fossett: What Went Wrong?” for the Discovery Channel; “National Body Challenge,” “Could You Survive?,”  “Marathon Love” and  “Iraq: Front-line ER” for Discovery Health Channel; “A Face For Yulce” for TLC; “My War Diary” for Military Channel;” “Over Your Head” for HGTV and “Wedding Central” for WeTV.  In syndicated daytime television, LMNO and Telepictures joined together to produce the daily talk show “Dr. Keith Ablow,” which premiered Fall 2006.

Additional credits include the critically acclaimed series, “Final Justice with Erin Brockovich” for LIFETIME Television; the award-winning “Animal Kidding” for Animal Planet; “Amazing Medical Stories” for TLC; “Impact: Stories of Survival,” “Babies: Special Delivery” and “Super Surgery” for Discovery Health Channel; “Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden” for A&E; “WinTuition” for Game Show Network and over 80 hours of programming for Travel Channel.

The continued growth of LMNO lies in its view of the future. The technological revolution is increasing the world’s insatiable appetite for new content at the same time the number of broadcast and cable networks are increasing globally. The result is that buyers need more product.  With this in mind, as LMNO continues to increase its business in reality, informational and documentary programming it has also begun developing scripted comedy and drama series, as well as television films.

Also, as a natural extension of LMNO’s programming and production services, the LMNO Media Group was formed in early 2004 to offer corporate clients the creation of industrial and educational videos, commercials and visual marketing tools designed to increase sales, enhance recruiting and support publicity campaigns.

LMNO has begun focusing on bridging its production capabilities with new and emerging opportunities on the Internet. The company website has become an interactive community, linking LMNO with the viewers of its shows.  Casting applications for LMNO’s reality series and game shows can be filled out, accepted and processed online and each application is filed for consideration for future shows.

Under Schotz’ leadership, LMNO has built a reputation as a versatile and trusted television program supplier with the ability to deliver high quality shows in a cost-effective manner.  Ultimately, LMNO is more than a Hollywood based production company…it’s a full-service studio that knows the formula for success.

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