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Mother Fool's Coffeehouse

Forward-looking coffeehouse on the East Side of Madison.

Mother Fool's Coffeehouse first opened in the spring of 1994 by Jean Lister. Jean ran it for a year, creating a very homey and comfortable community space, then decided to move to Minneapolis. She sold the coffeehouse to Stephanie Rearick and Jon Hain in June of 1995, who met Jean when their old band, Your Mom SRO played at Mother Fool's.

Mother Fool's has live music at the coffeehouse every Friday and Saturday night, and has released a compilation CD, "Live at Mother Fool's," on their own record label, Uvulittle Records, featuring a number of our regular performers. The recordings are of live performances that took place at Mother Fool's, and include such Madison notables as Andy Ewen, Biff Blumfumgangne, Ritt Deitz, Elizabeth Schaefer, Les Lokey, Pascal, and others.

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