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Mr. Blues

Mr. Blues is a progressive, innovative harmonica player, whose style encompasses the deep rumbling growl of the Delta, as well as the speed and power of contemporary blues. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Little Walter, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Muddy Waters, and Carry Bell, Mr. Blues has created a sound and style that is uniquely his own.

Throughout his career (now in it’s third decade), Mr. Blues has found himself on stage with a diverse range of performers including Willie Dixon, Homesick James, Bill Wyman (of the Rolling Stones), Sugar Loaf, and Buddy Miles.

In 1985, while performing on the stage at the Kingston Mines, Mr. Blues impressed the internationally renowned Lefty Dizz, who hired him on the spot. While playing with Lefty, Mr. Blues benefited from his mentor’s tutelage and gained the invaluable experience of working with an international act. After almost two years with Dizz, Mr. Blues left to lead his own band.

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