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New World Spirits

After forming in Springfield, Mo. in 1990, New World Spirits rapidly developed an impressive following. Relocating to St. Louis in 1991, the band continued to build a strong fan base, consistently packing local clubs. Their 1995 independent debut album, Creeperweed, was number one in regional sales.

New World Spirits was featured on St. Louis' then-fledgling alternative rock station 105.7 The Point's Point-Essential Vol. II compilation CD, drawing attention from Universal Records, which signed the band in 1995 and released their major label debut, Fortune Cookie. The first single from the album, "Bed" got spins on more than 100 alternative and rock radio stations around the country.

After diverging interests caused the band to split from their contract with Universal in 1997, they recorded and released a final album, Spark, independently before parting ways in 1999.

While the band remained on hiatus for some time, the year 2010 has marked the beginning of a new chapter. They released an independent album aptly titled "twentyten" and have been performing highly successful shows around St.Louis. Currently the band is actively writing and rehearsing new material for future release.

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