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The Nod

A perfect storm of chemistry, companionship, and a healthy disregard for the boundaries of genre, The Nod leaves its classification to be defined by the listener. A band birthed 18 months ago in the belly of Madison, WI, The Nod is well past its infancy. What keeps them going are the easily-digested rewards of each live show- playing for people, catching adrenaline buzz, having a PBR with fans and friends, hearing new bands, forming new allies, and contributing a little more to the music scene with each performance.

The Nod’s Shoddy Heart was released in August of 2009. An organic and upbeat record, the disc encompasses truthful songs molded from stories of loss, gain, selfishness, selflessness, guilt, elation, regret, and optimism. The record acknowledges that what goes around comes around…to some degree, only some of the time. We’ve all been stabbed in the heart before, figuratively…hopefully. Sometimes we return the favor and stick someone else right back. Either way, we get burned, but we wouldn’t play with fire if it wasn’t a little bit of fun. Right?

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