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Queenie and the Blue Cats

Queenie and the Blue Cats are a working electric blues band that hit the Wisconsin music scene full throttle in 2005. Described as playing “blues so tasty you don’t need no sauce," Queenie and the boys quickly built a following playing at many blues clubs and festivals in the area.

The band won the 2007 MAMA Award for Blues Album of the Year for their debut CD, Live at Milo’s Place. Queenie and the Blue Cats was also honored with nominations for "Entertainer of the Year," "Blues Artist of the Year," and "Cover Band of the Year." With Queenie McCarter-Wade on vocals, Joe Dieter on guitar, Scott Lukomski on bass and Bill Cheadle on drums, this band puts on a stage show you won’t want to miss. Known for their clever, life-inspired lyrics, fresh arrangements and authentic sound.

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