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After seeing Rex Lex live in concert, not many would dare deny that this band makes the VIP list as one of the nation’s most electrifying indie acts rocking the music circuit today.

The sonic performance of their show stands out from the great mass of loud rock bands that are so commonly heard and seen today. With great contrast, the instruments move with a dynamic fluidity similar to that of a symphony, yet the band flails on their instruments with a raw, heartfelt emotion for the issues that affect their generation, producing rock of the purest form. Unforgettable melodies are artistically executed as the vocals carry ministering words from the heart of the band to the heart of the crowd – a genuine transaction. A great juxtaposition, the sound of Rex Lex is truly a blend of both beauty and rock.

Music aside, the potently charismatic members of this team instinctively generate atomic levels of excitement from the stage, and the experienced know that it is far from unusual to see spectators of all ages and backgrounds plunging headfirst into the fun. Some people are born to entertain, and the members of Rex Lex are faithful stewards of their calling.

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