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Roulette Notations

Roulette Notations formed in late 2005 from the merger of two previously successful bands, Anaheim Green and Ash of Pompeii.

Ash of Pompeii started out in early 2004 when bassist Spencer Bible, guitarist Dan Greenwald and drummer Alex Trevino, then all students at Jefferson Middle school, teamed up to form a band that played at the Jefferson Follies and practiced extensively until 2005. Anaheim Green started when Bible, Trevino, vocalist Lucas Turpin and guitarist Nathaniel Lutes formed a band which then took third place at the Memorial 2005 Battle of the Bands. Sharing core common members and a single artistic vision, the two bands merged in the fall of 2005 to form the new Roulette Notations, a band similar in style to AoP and AG while keeping the best elements of both and dropping the worst. After Lucas Turpin decided to leave the band in January, Roulette Notations shifted its focus to songwriting and preparing for this year’s Battle of the Bands, all the while refining their compositions and developing into a new blend of rock, latin, prog and experimental.

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