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The Hotkey Matrix- Version 2 is out!

DNA Music Labs is proud to announce the release of version 2 of the Hotkey Matrix. It features compatibility with Pro Tools 11, updated graphics and an improved layout which incorporates extensive feedback from users of version 1.

The Hotkey Matrix is a powerful control surface that brings unparalleled efficiency to your Pro Tools workflow. It was built from the beginning as a dedicated device, optimized for working with Pro Tools.

Its one touch design principle and the fact that each key is permanently dedicated to a function makes working in Pro Tools feel more like working with a “real” device. It’s not just another app or virtual controller that adds complexity to your workflow. 

Equally useful to beginners or pros, the Hotkey Matrix stands apart from other control surfaces with its utility and ease of operation. Musicians who use Pro Tools for basic recording will appreciate how it streamlines the Pro Tools interface, producers and electronic music composers can dig deeper into using Pro Tools as creative instrument, and seasoned audio engineers can do the tasks they’ve always done, just faster and easier!

Its compact size and competitive price make it ideal for wide variety of production environments. It integrates well with other fader-based control surfaces, and won’t interfere with any of your current shortcuts or workflows. With the Hotkey Matrix, you can create a Pro Tools workstation that is second to none in terms of ergonomics, speed, and power!

•Saves thousands of keyboard strokes and mouse clicks in a single session by replacing commands that require multiple modifiers keys, trips to a menu, or repetitive mouse clicks with a single key press. 

•There are no modifier keys, modes to learn, or programming expertise required to use it. Each command is always in the same place and immediately available. It comes fully programmed with a set of optimized shortcuts that reflect years of real world production experience with Pro Tools.

•The layout uses color coding that groups the commands by function and makes iteasy to quickly target the commands. Icons and other design elements make theinterface intuitive to use and learn.

•Unlocks advanced functionality in Pro Tools by making it easy to discover new commands. No more hunting through the manuals for the best way to do something. The commands are printed right on the keys.

•Access commonly used commands that don’t have default keyboard shortcuts!

•Installation is takes just a couple of minutes. Requires no software to run, so it won’t add to the load on your CPU or cause hard-to-diagnose software conflicts.

•Works great with other control surfaces. It doesn’t change the default keyboard shortcuts, so you can integrate it into your workflow at the speed you want.

•Designed and built by production fanatics who are dedicated to the elegant use of technology for sound and music creators!

•Compatibility: Supports all versions of Pro Tools 10 and 11 on Mac and Windows. Backwards compatible with PT 8 and 9.