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Akai MPC-2000 Workstation

The Akai Professional MPC-2000 is a user-expandable 64-track sampler-sequencer workstation. This professional quality Akai sampler comes with 2MB sample memory which can be expanded to 32MB. Sampling specs are variable 22 and 44.1kHz sample rates in stereo or mono and at 16- or 8-bit resolutions. All the necessary edit tools are here: time comp/exp, tune, pitch shift, truncate, looping, key placement, velocity effects, and more. Up to 32 voices of polyphony, complete MIDI implementation, a built-in disk drive, and a SCSI interface prepare this sampler for any situation.

The sequencer portion of the MPC-2000 is intuitive and fun to use. It can handle notes as fast as 32nd notes and can record in real- or step-time. There are several sequence edit functions, as well as swing and quantizing functions. It can transmit sync and MIDI information too. During live sets, individual tracks can be muted for building and changing your music in the moment. It's perfect for fans of hip-hop, trip-hop, and more!

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midi device