Ludwig Tom Close-up
Shiny Cymbal
Otari MTR-90 and Auto Locator
PT Screen angle
Gibson, Pro-Reverb, Tele 02
TAC Faders
Strat Headstock
Hammond M3
Symetrix 532 Faders
Ludwig in Studio A 01
AT 4033's overheads
Morley Wah into Boss Giga-Delay
Steppin' on the Morley!
TAC Faders diagonal 01
Control A from behind Otari
Magic Fingers!
Otari MTR-90

Boss DD-20 Digital Delay

Every guitarist needs a delay pedal, period. And the Boss DD-20 is a PROFESSIONAL delay pedal, seriously. So if you're a delay head, or the kind of guitarist who doesn't want to settle for anything but the best. The Boss DD-20 is the twin-type Boss pedal you need in your rig. Dubbed the "Giga Delay," the DD-20 offers user memory so you can store up to four of your favorite delays and instantly recall them. That's cool. Set delay time with the knob or via tap tempo, whatever works best for you.

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