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Comrex DH 20

Comrex DH20

The DH20 is a high quality single line telephone interface that interconnects a standard telephone line and your audio equipment, allowing you the ability to send audio to and receive audio from a connected telephone line. The DH20 is ideal when the very best audio quality is required for talk shows, news feeds, production, recording studios, and internet applications.

Comrex's newest DSP technology delivers better and more reliable sound quality. The DH20 delivers the deepest and most stable hybrid null, ensuring maximum isolation between the send and caller audio. That means no echo and no "bottom of the barrel" sound.

In addition, Comrex has added selectable automatic gain control(AGC) and caller ducking. With AGC, each call will be delivered to your equipment at the same level. Caller ducking reduces the caller's audio level when the announcer speaks, providing a more "controlled" environment. There's also a speaker amplifier so you can connect a speaker directly to the unit and monitor callers without headphones.


  • The world's best, most affordable digital hybrid
  • DSP digital technology ensures the very best audio quality and thedeepest, most reliable hybrid null
  • Easy to install, simple to operate
  • Built-in speaker amplifier
  • Balanced audio in and out
  • Mic or line input
  • Selectable AGC ensures every caller is at the same audio level
  • Selectable caller ducking
  • Selectable auto-answer/auto-disconnect compatible with most telephonecentral offices including loop current interruption and busy/reorder tones
  • Remote control and status
  • Automatically accepts all worldwide voltages
  • Worldwide compliant, including FCC, CSA, CE and CTR21
  • Dry line capability
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recording device