Ludwig Tom Close-up
PT Screen angle
Otari MTR-90 VU meters
Ampex 354
Ludwig in Studio A 03
Gibson, Fender Pro-Reverb, Tele
Brian contemplates racks of stuff
Control A from behind Otari
TT Cables
AT 4033's overheads
Strat Headstock
Symetrix 532 Faders
Magic Fingers!
Steppin' on the Morley!
Shiny Cymbal
Hammond M3
Some stacks of gear

Heil PR30

The Heil Sound PR-30 is a professional dynamic microphone designed for applications that require a smooth, flat output from a wide frequency response (40Hz-18kHz). Whether it's commercial broadcast, studio recording, or live sound reinforcement, the PR-30 mic can handle it.

A specially designed magnet structure and large, aluminum 1-1/2" low-mass voice coil assembly make this possible. In addition to a carefully wound and placed humbucking coil, the components of the PR-30 are engineered to minimize external noise and provide pure articulation. A unique dual pop screen design ensures that breath blasts never hit the diaphragm directly. The result of all this is a perfect representation of the voice that is virtually unpolluted by external noise.

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