Ludwig Tom Close-up
Strat Headstock
AT 4033's overheads
Ludwig in Studio A 03
PT Screen angle
Brian contemplates racks of stuff
Magic Fingers!
Some stacks of gear
Computer Keyboards
Hammond M3
Symetrix 532 Faders
Gibson, Fender Pro-Reverb, Tele
Otari MTR-90
Otari MTR-90 and Auto Locator
Blue Dragon Fly

Korg M3 Synthesizer Workstation

The M3 features a number of innovations distilled from the flagship OASYS including the new EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator derived from the HD-1 engine design, the advanced second-generation KARMA functionality, and the multi-purpose control surface. Adding innovations such as the new concept of “virtualized hardware” that allows an even closer integration with DAW systems, Drum Tracks which provide a instant groove to play along with, and the new "Korg Komponent System" concept that facilitates more flexible system construction, the M3 music workstation/sampler opens a new and exciting page in music making - it’s the workstation that rightfully deserves to wear the “M” that started it all.

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