Strat Headstock
Some stacks of gear
Otari MTR-90 and Auto Locator
AT 4033's overheads
Gibson, Fender Pro-Reverb, Tele
Otari MTR-90 Auto Locator
Symetrix 532 Faders
PT Screen angle
Ludwig in Studio A 03
Ludwidg in Studo A 02
Otari MTR-90
Otari MTR-90 VU meters
Morley Wah into Boss Giga-Delay
Brian contemplates racks of stuff
Ampex 354
TAC Faders
Ludwig Tom Close-up

Kustom 200 Bass Amp

This padded, vintage bass head has both a normal channel and a bright channel, providing some great choices to hone your tone.

gear category: 
bass amplifier