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Langevin Mini Massive Stereo Equalizer

The EQ gives a sweetness to the sound that only the finest analog gear does. We love it!

Here's a description from Manley's website:

"The Langevin Mini Massive is the little brother to Manley’s Massive Passive EQ. This new EQ is based on the same passive EQ sections as the Massive Passive’s Low Band and High Band and shares most of the same components and circuit layout. The Mini Massive is smaller at only 1U high and about half the price and includes some new features, refinements and a new level of clarity fit for mastering at its best.

Hutch re-visited the 4 lowest shelf settings, and the 4 highest frequency shelf settings, plus added new higher Q bell shapes for the 4 highest frequencies. This gives even more opportunities for Pultec-like fatness and beyond in the deep lows. The new high frequency curves are designed for air, sweetness and sparkle. Compared to the Massive Passive, the toggle switch that selects between Bell and Shelf, has become a 3 position switch, to introduce the new higher Q Bell curves on the 4 highest frequencies. These features give the Mini Massive even more power and flexibility to achieve that elusive big round tight bottom and silky atmospheric top."

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