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Ampex 354
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Steppin' on the Morley!
Symetrix 532 Faders
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Magic Fingers!
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Otari MTR-90 Auto Locator
Morley Wah into Boss Giga-Delay
Blue Dragon Fly
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Ludwig in Studio A 01
Otari MTR-90 VU meters

MOTU 828mkII Interface

The MOTU 828mkII FireWire audio interface is great for studio or remote recording. Incredibly expansive in its level of control and versatility, the 828mkII delivers DSP-driven mixing and monitoring in any situation. At the studio, clubs, or rehearsal, you can connect anything you want and monitor it with no separate mixer needed. The superb front-panel control array and backlit LCD allow you to directly access the entire mix or individual settings. There's no channel sharing, either. Its 20 inputs and 22 outputs include 2 mic/guitar inputs, TRS analog I/O, separate main outs, 24-bit ADAT optical I/O, MIDI, sync, and 24-bit S/PDIF digital I/O up to 96kHz.

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