Some stacks of gear
TT Cables
Steppin' on the Morley!
Hammond M3
Ludwig Tom Close-up
Shiny Cymbal
Gibson, Pro-Reverb, Tele 02
PT Screen angle
Brian contemplates racks of stuff
Gibson, Fender Pro-Reverb, Tele
Computer Keyboards
AT 4033's overheads
TAC Faders diagonal 01
TAC Faders
Symetrix 532 Faders
Blue Dragon Fly
Magic Fingers!

Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.2

Add DVD Architect Pro software to author DVDs or Blu-ray Disc media with multiple video angles, subtitles, multiple languages, and special features. Preview and test your work in real time. Apply Brightness and Contrast, Auto Levels, Crop, and Anti-Flicker filters. Set CSS and MacrovisionĀ® copy-protection flags for masters.

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