144 color-coded keys professionally arranged, designed, and mapped to a comprehensive set of Pro Tools commands. Be more efficient, more comfortable, and work faster than ever before.


Hotkey Press and Testimonials


"...after less than two weeks use I am already using quite a few of the Hotkey's buttons with barely a thought, and starting to form a few habits. In recording scenarios, many of the shortcuts help speed thinks up when the talent is waiting to perform...Overall the DNA Hotkey Matrix is product with huge potential use for a relatively small outlay."

—George Shilling, Resolution Magazine. See scan of print review.

"One of the great things about the Hotkey is that if you already have other control surfaces you love, it will fit right in as an added enhancement. It doesn't get in the way of anything existing. It only makes life even better for you. I use it with my ipad and V-Control Pro, and I couldn't be happier. And at $269.99, it is a steal too. This device is really a no-brainer for you Pro Tools users. If you don't use Pro Tools, maybe if enough of you ask nicely, they'll make one for your favorite DAW one day." (Read More)

— Bryan Adams, Everything Recording

"The keys on the Hotkey Matrix are grouped by function, location, and color...it didn't take me very long to get comfortable using about 75% of the Hotkey Matrix regularly, and I think that's a testament to the deep thinking that went into this layout...With the Hotkey Matrix to the left of my QWERTY, I access it with my left hand like I would an autolocator, and I am definitely faster because of it. Just as importantly, at the end of a long session, my fingers, wrists, arms - and brain too - thank me for not repeatedly twisting them to trigger key combinations like shift-command-option-WTF?" (Read More)

— Andy Hong, Tape Op


” The Hotkey Matrix is a fantastic complement to our ProTools HDX. We work faster and it saves us precious time in our studio. Our projects are usually under very high time pressure and Matrix really speeds up our workflow. Also super fast feedback and service from the team behind it. Just go and get it!!!”

Stellan Colt - Mellotron Production & Sound Design, Sweden  www.mellotron.se

"I got my start in the analog world, yet understand the value of today's digital tools. But, I've been looking for any way to get my mind off of the computer when recording, mixing, and mastering. This means finding more physical controllers and instruments to communicate with my digital workstation, rather than the traditional mouse and keyboard. Something remarkable has happened - I'm focusing again on making music outside the box, all while continuing to work in the box. The Hotkey Matrix is a perfect addition to my arsenal - so much so that I have two of them!"

––Brett Allen  Whitefish, MT http://snowghostmusic.com/

"Bravo for coming up with the Hotkey Matrix.... I like it!!"

––John Rodd, Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Los Angeles, CA


"I can't imagine Pro tools without this thing anymore"

— Bryan Adams, Everything Recording

"Satisfied customer here. Change grid value with the push of button? Hell yeah!"

–– Leo Sidran, Academy Award winning producer


"I can't live without it anymore! The workflow is so much faster. A real timesaver"!

–– Alan Vukelic, Karlsruhe, Germany



"The hotkey Matrix has been very useful for me. It's fun to use and everybody is like whoa, what's that?! Also, it helps with a sore wrist since it conserves mouse navigation."

–– Bill Douglass, Colorado Springs, CO



"I depend on it to smooth my workflow. It's a great tool, hands down!"

––Amit Zaman, Brooklyn/Poughkeepsie, NY


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