144 color-coded keys professionally arranged, designed, and mapped to a comprehensive set of Pro Tools commands. Be more efficient, more comfortable, and work faster than ever before.


HOTKEY MATRIX - Control Surface for Pro Tools®

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  • Efficient access to advanced Pro Tools functions via one-button commands
  • No additional software to learn or run
  • Careful selection of useful functions based on years of production experience at DNA Music Labs
  • Reduces repetitive keyboard and mouse activity
  • Complements existing control surfaces



  • 144 keys mapped to specific Pro Tools commands and functions
  • Commercial grade hardware; keys rated at over 50 million presses
  • USB bus powered
  • Works with Mac OS and Windows 7
  • Compatible with Pro Tools 8, 9, 10, and 11
  • Shortcuts cover major areas of Pro Tools functionality, including:
    • editing
    • selecting
    • nudging
    • windows and layout
    • zooming
    • file menu functions
    • track and playlist
    • MIDI composition
  • Dimensions: 14.17 × 7.79 × 1.49 inches
  • One year warranty


  • Hotkey Matrix Documentation-Manual

    You can download the Hotkey Matrix manual here. It has detailed descriptions of the shortcuts and how to use them.

  • Download alternate language setup files for the Hotkey Matrix

    These are coming soon...if you need help with language localizaton contact us at dnahotkeymatrix@gmail.com

  • A Philosophical Overview

    Virtual controls on your computer screen come with several fundamental problems: they can be hidden, their location changes, and they have different sizes or resolutions. This requires a rigid focus with your eyes on the screen to make an action — we don't get to take advantage of our memory. The Hotkey Matrix addresses these problems unlike any other control surface.

    The main concept of the Hotkey Matrix is to have a permanently located, one-key shortcut for a given function in Pro Tools. This simplicity boosts efficiency, as actions that normally require multiple key presses or mouse clicks only take a single button push. This concept also takes advantage of our memory, because we will always know exactly where and how to execute a command.

If you purchase from this site we ship to the US, Canada, Australia, and South Korea. If you are in the Eurozone, you can order from ES Pro Audio in Germany at this link http://shop.es-proaudio.de/de/DNA-Music-Labs-Hotkey-Matrix.html

We are considering Apple Logic.

The Hotkey Matrix supports all versions of Pro Tools 8, 9, 10, 11 on Mac OS X  Windows OS. Two shortcuts are not supported in Pro Tools 8: “duplicate playlist” and “new playlist.” The “clip gain increase” and “clip gain decrease” shortcuts are not supported in Pro Tools 8 or 9.

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Price: $279.99

Note: Please choose your operating system. The Hotkey Matrix is configured specifically for Mac or Windows.

To purchase in Europe please visit the site of our European distributor:
Narzissenstr. 9, 85055 Ingolstadt, Munich
phone: +49 151 50 40 35 45
fax: +49 841 90 30 832
email: contact@es-proaudio.de