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Blue Planet. Red River

Joel David

First Release

Mixed and Mastered by Mark Whitcomb. Drum Engineering by Paul Heenan.

Intelligent, biting lyrics interposed with warm, radio-ready acoustic pop/rock.

Blue Planet, Red River is the first release from Joel David, who drops his surname of Brusewitz. It's a pleasant and intriguing album of mostly mid-tempo folk and interpretive art that is by turns socially conscious and poetic.

David has enlisted some class-A backup on what would otherwise be a somewhat typical singer/songwriter outing, albeit a very good one. Blue Planet, Red River was engineered, recorded, produced and mastered at DNA studios and practically the whole crew got on board with this one. Monovox guitarist Paulie Heenan engineered the drums, which were played by DNA studio manager and ace sideman Scott Beardsley, while Heenan's bandmate Cliff Hammer provided bass on a couple of tracks. Chris Boeger played bass on several other tracks and Marc Whitcomb assisted in mixing and did the mastering. The result is a professional and polished sound with David's thick acoustic guitar and expressive tenor sitting front and center.

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