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Paul Filipowicz

CHINATOWN is Paul Filipowicz' fifth release.In thirty years plus of performing and recording blues, he has learned that "FEELING is EVERYTHING". On this recording Paul Filipowicz and the music are one, original, just the facts, from the soul of a true blues man. You have a sample of Paul's feeling for the blues . A peak through the doorway of his live sweat drenched emotionally charged guitar workouts. He always  lets it all out. The album was produced and recorded by Mark Haines at DNA Studios in Madison, WI and mixed at Smart Studios. "This session was a powerful experience. These people feel the music exactly like I do. It's incredible to work under such conditions. We got 199 (#7, 199 Lonely Tear Drops) in one take. I just cranked it up and they grabbed on an away we went, talk about a gas! That's the stuff that life is all about."

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