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Sunshine Allison

Sophmore Release Mark Whitcomb Engineered this project, as well as creating artwork for the track sheets. Eastside, released in October. Lyrically, the songs on this CD reflect a more sophisticated sense of songsmithing which sacrifices - as much modern poetry does - a strict reliance upon rhyme and rhythm in favor of a free-form verbal flexibility. Even in the songs where a rough rhyme scheme slips in, it is rarely at the expense of a well-crafted sentiment; and the songs, in general, will satisfy the savvy college crowd. -Charles Patton Wausau City Pages 1/28/99 This Midwestern group hails from Madison but incorporates influences from many parts of the globe. Listening to Sunshine Allison, one is tempted to classify them as World Music, but as soon as that thought forms, the group comes back with a straight-ahead rock track. Maximum Ink 10/15/98 Sunshine Allison qualify as the city’s first popular jam band. -Tom Laskin, Isthmus 9/25/98

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