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A Faint Glow

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Boat Records

the second CD from this accomplished act. Isthmus Review Rich Albertoni on Thursday 03/08/2007 The sophomore release from former Ivory Library members Jeff Jagielo and Pat Connaughty is quieter and more delicate than their 2006 debut, but no less engaging. The CD starts with three tracks that showcase Squarewave’s stylistic range — fuzzy dance pop, spooky psychedelica and slow-burning guitar rock. “Air into Need” recalls Killing Moon-era Echo & the Bunnymen, but by the time the sixth song kicks in, A Faint Glow locks into a down-tempo, contemplative mood. Once there, Squarewave use electric guitar jams to stake out a hungry, searching sound. Connaughty and Jagielo co-wrote all the tracks, and the strength of their collaboration is a knack for transforming compositions into swirling ambient soundscapes. For those who spent the ’80s and ’90s plugged into Ivory Library, Squarewave are like rediscovering a long lost friend. For the uninitiated, they are a local band not to be missed.

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