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Studio A live room
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Let the Outside In

Love by Design

Studio project orchestrated by LA based singer/songwriter Brandon Trca

Brandon locked out studio 'A' with Brian Daly for exactly 14 days begining October 3rd until October 17th to record 11 songs. Brandon, originally a midwestern fellow, now hails from Los Angeles. Comprising this project was a band, co-producers, and designers from no less than four different states. Drummer Jeff Prohaska - Iowa, Bassist Micah - Los Angeles, Co-Producer John Courtney - Kansas, and Brian doing production and engineering. Also on board was graphic designer, Michael Goshon; and DNA assistant-engineer, Matthew Kramer. Other talent and instrumentation done on the project was provided by some of Madison's finest musicians. Keyboard player and DNA Studios engineer, Mark Seigenthaler tracked Rhodes, organ and analog synth stuff in the studio; also, we took the operation to Mark's apartment to record Piano. Lap Steel and Pedal Steel parts were layed down for several songs and were played by Adam Davis.

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