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Might Be Found

Might Be Found
Marty Finkel

Might Be Found showcases not only the breadth of Finkel's talent, but also his growth as a songwriter: "When I began writing, my songs were more poetic/introspective and not as 'toe-tapping.' Since then I have moved away from that and have been writing more pop-based structures with lyrics that are more vague and allow for listener interpretation. When I'm working on an album the songs generally follow the same theme because they all represent the same chunk of my life," Finkel says of his process.

On Might Be Found, Finkel's songs glimmer with a unique optimism that shines in his songcraft and delivery. Even on songs like album opener "You Left Me First," Finkel avoids wallowing and takes a matter-of-fact tone: "So stop your crying / I know it hurts / I'm not sympathizing / 'cause you left me first." The up-tempo "Benjamin" was written as a tribute to The Graduate, one of Finkel's favorite films, and was composed on his parents' upright piano. The striking "Afraid to Die" was written for Elliott Smith, whose untimely death haunted Finkel's dreams: "When I woke up I was obsessed with the notion that you could still write songs after you had died which I took some comfort in but in the end decided I was still afraid of death," Finkel says of the song, which serves both as a salute to Smith and an affirmation of life. Though most of the songs traverse the familiar territory of love and loss, Finkel isn't afraid to step into other lyrical terrain.

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Produced by Marty Finkel and Adam Pike
Recorded by Adam Pike at Toadhouse Recording, Portland, OR
Except drums, bass, "Lost Without You" and some overdubs recorded by Bill Maynard at Paradyme Productions, Madison, WI
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Whitcomb

Marty Finkel- Guitars, Vocals, Piano/Keyboards, Banjo, Percussion
Travis Drumm- Drums
Nate Wiswall- Bass
Carrie Turrell- Violin
Chris Kelsey- Viola
Josh Robertson- Trumpet
Rose Valby- French Horn
Shane Quella- Percussion
Adam Pike- Percussion

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