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Negative Examples

Negative Example

Negative Example are an innovative new band led by Madison post punk legend Bucky Pope. Madisonians know him as the singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the defunct yet beloved Tar Babies. This debut album was recorded and mixed by Brian Daly at DNA.

Even though Bucky took a few years away from music, the ideas never stopped percolating and now Bucky's innimitable stye is again being expressed in fully realised form.

Playing with Bucky in Negative Example are a crew of gifted players who can go anywhere the music takes them! It includes keyboard genius Dave Adler, Calvin Thorne on upright bass, and Greg Rullman on drums.

Dave is another bedrock member of Madison's music scene. His "day job" is playing keyboards with The Gomers, who are truly a Madison institution at this point, but his skills and abilities as an arranger and accompianist are put to excellent use on this project. Dave is a straight-up keyboard virtuoso, and his ability to play anything works brilliantly on this 10 song album. 

Calvin Thorne  is a classically trained bassist, and which brings a unique voice to the sometimes sinisster low end in these recordings. Greg is also a member of the Gomers, and can drum in any style you can imagine. He slots in perfectly with the Negative Example mojo, holding down grooves that are both abstract and earthy while the voice, guitar and piano chart their own path through the musical ether above him.

Friends, this music is the past, present, and future of punk rock.


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