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Quieten Audio Therapy

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DNA Music Labs


Quieten Audio Therapy

From the production team at DNA Music Labs comes Quieten Audio Therapy, a set of multimedia tools to help facilitate the process of relaxation.  The product line consists of three distinct products, all of which have carefully produced music as their core.  Acknowledging that relaxation can be a learned state of being, the products are geared toward introducing the act of relaxation, and then encouraging the individual to participate in recalling this memory of relaxation throughout the day.

Guided Imagery:

The combination of guided imaging tours or guided relaxation narration set to carefully produced music makes getting to a state of relaxation as simple as listening, breathing, and literally following the script.  Picnic Point and Paced Breathing are examples of this (see below).

Relaxation Inducing Music:

The music composed and produced for the Quieten line is crafted with intention for relaxation, and evolves slowly over time.  It is designed to be taken in long doses, and has an 'energetic arc' built into each piece which is geared towards relaxation. 

Careful selection of specific frequencies are used for oscillations, thoughtful sonic palates are selected for desired physiological effect, and chordal changes and modulations are constructed with consideration for creating a tension and release experience, all of which evolves over time.

Combined Audio and Video Imagery:

When selected scenic videography is combined with Quieten's music, a more dimensional relaxation experience is observed.  We have found that when presented with the music by itself at a later date, it is easy to recall the imagery from the video, strengthening the recalled relaxation experience.  A sample of this can be viewed here.

As with anything, the more you practice relaxation, the easier it becomes.  The relaxation effect can be induced by recalling a feeling, or hearing a familiar sound, or remembering an image. 

The Quieten series is designed to help in this process.


Click on the small triangles (>) below to start and stop each audio sample.

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