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Shoddy Heart

The Nod

This seven song short player Shoddy Heart is chock full of the energetic pop punk/rock that Madison eats up and requests seconds for and they do it very well.

In my humble opinion, each song has been done before by better bands, but the important part is that The Nod likely don’t care. “Hometown Kid” is the lone stand out on the E.P. and sees the band experimenting a bit more beyond their influences. The track starts out with an near blues riff before going into full on rock. I could draw comparisons to their contemporaries but “Hometown Kid” shows a glimmer of what The Nod could and should be with time. The Nod are still relatively new to the Madison music scene and I doubt this review could discourage them from sticking around for a while, or at least I hope it doesn’t. There is potential here once the band finds a voice and quits wearing influences so blantantly on their sleeves. Not all music needs to be fresh and new but you should at least bring a new element to a sound that is so heavily tread upon.

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