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The Whiskey Of The Damned

Whiskey of the Damned

Whiskey of the damned is a group of individuals, coming from different parts of southern wisconsin.  This group mixes old school punk rock/ ska with a celtic vibe, giving them a floggy molly/dropkick murphys feel, but not to be confused with the two, these guys bring out there own flavor and create pieces of music that can only be labeled as whiskey of the damned. This album is unnamed at the moment, but is full of drunken bar chants, heavy drum licks, flavorful strings/accordions/banjos to keep it interesting, great bass and guitars throughout the album, and a spice of piano when you think you've heard it all. This is a much anticipated album of 2010.

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Vaughn "Scattered Brains" Freitag: 
Vaughn "Scattered Brains" Freitag: